Every client is different and every project has a new set of challenges. That’s the best part of being in this business. Sure, we have practices that we rely on, but it’s how these many pieces come together that determines how we work through a problem.

The samples here only show the product of the work involved. The fun part is the exchange of ideas, the shaping and reshaping that will ultimately lead us to delivering the best results for all involved.


Schools and Institutions

Wharton / UPenn

The Wharton School is in a steady state of reinvention. Most of what we do is serve art and branding needs when messages throughout the institution get re-shaped.


We were tasked with redesigning The Independence Charter School web site in 2019. We partnered with Octo, a marketing firm in the city.

Lyme Academy of Fine Art

We started our work relationship with the administration at Lyme by doing some promotional print projects for the school. Initially, our approach was to use a bigger and bolder voice for the message. 

Academic Publishing

We have been working with academic publishers for over 20 years. Most of what we do is package design. Book covers and jackets.

Orgs & Corporations

PNC Vendor Finance

Much of what we do for PNC Vendor Finance involves design and assembly of marketing and communication pieces. The work comes in every media form we can get our hands on. 

Small Business


Marchi Jewelers is a small boutique that has become a staple in Philadelphis’s Jewelers Row. We started out with a simple brochure site that has evolved into a full e-commerce site.

Linda May Studio

Linda May Studio is a brand new player in the hand made textile jewelry market. After seeing the images she provided, we wanted a site that stayed out of the way. 

Branding Art

While “branding” has come to mean a large-scale marketing philosophy, many times clients just need a mark or logo art to get things started. VIEW ALL

medbuild logo
business radio graphic

Artists & Musicians

Fritz Dietel

Using a neutral color palette, we designed a sleek website to compliment Fritz Dietel’s natural forms, with ample space for high resolution photographs and descriptions of his creative process.

Music & Musicians

The work here is just a small sample of what we do. We try to use all of the tools available to us to do work that creates excitement for the artist and the music.