Mitch Woods is a long time piano player and performer whose jump blues sound, rooted in New Orleans, early rock and roll, R&B, and boogie-woogie, has earned him a strong following around the world.

We had just completed work on a branding treatment for Mitch’s name, and we were quickly thrown into the process once again to create art for a project that he hopes has some legs for the future. With “Blues Beyond Borders” Mitch has developed a more purposeful stride with his music. He has been bringing blues music and R&B to places where it is quite rare and also well loved. Seeing what a thrill it is to connect with people who are often times hearing this music for the first time, Mitch wanted to make this a regular thing, and thus was born “Blues Beyond Borders”. These are some sketches to get us closer to the artwork for his first CD/DVD package under this name.