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Intro to Web Design Lou Fuiano | Instructor Temple University Center City Fall 2013

Syllabus Web Studio at rowhousemedia.co/web-studio is an online supplement to the HTML, CSS and PhotoShop instruction taught at Temple University Center City in Philadelphia. This page is here primarily to document topics covered in class as well as to provide resources, tools and materials needed for the exercises. These classes are part of a certificate program and are divided up into four sections; Creating a Usable Web, Intro to HTML/CSS, Intro to Photoshop and Photoshop for Web Production.

Creating a Usable Web Site In this portion of our course, we will spend two full nights of class time reviewing some of the many components of design in general and design for the web in particular. In so doing, we will review design concepts and samples in an effort to better understand best practices. We will also put some of these elements in motion by creating vector sketches in Adobe Illustrator.

Intro to HTML/CSS Intro to HTML/CSS is a brisk survey through basic elements of HTML mark-up and CSS styling. We will discuss where and how to use these and quickly put them into practice. Once we have a firm grip on things like HTML elements and CSS declarations, we will review and apply many of the most common uses in web building.

Intro to PhotoShop The second portion of the program, Intro to PhotoShop, is a hands-on tutorial into what makes PhotoShop the most powerful image editing program in the industry. We will make use of a wide range of the go-to tools, layers, vectors, typography and blending options. We’ll also do the more standard applications like image correction and color modification. Since CS6 is a relatively recent release, we always try out the newest tools and measure how they affect more traditional working methods.

PhotoShop for Web Production Armed with our new skills, PhotoShop for Web Production will get us using PhotoShop as a design tool as well as an image editing tool. We will use the PS canvas to set up wireframes and page designs. These will then be transformed into fully appointed page design with art, typography and color treatments all created in this one environment. These designs are then built out by using clear steps for formatting images to be used in HTML and CSS. The final exercise has us taking our PSD files to a final site.