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We recently completed an “unbranded site” for a new client. “Unbranded” just means that the client can create an informative site so that they can test the market and build traffic without revealing the source or selling the product. Since the client is in the pharmaceutical industry, ramping up awareness before production is of great importance. Testing and an extensive approval process is standard procedure for this kind of work.

However, the challenge of this site was that it had be lovely and usable for the blind as well as the sighted visitor. This involved days of testing, not only of browser behavior, but also how it would work with the screen readers that are built into every computer. If you thought it was difficult anticipating how IE was going to display your site, imagine trying to predict how each blind user has their computer set up for ease of use. Yikes!

Anyway, the site turned out great. So much so that the client requested a version in French and German. The trick here will be making the CMS update all three languages at once. Stay tuned.

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