Bubby Boy is a personal friend of mine. Actually, it’s a jazz quartet I started in the spring of 2023.

After the long idle world of the pandemic, I was very excited to get something musical started. I’m thrilled to report that I found a great group of players to work with who were game try the whole thing out. More importantly, the promotional part of starting a band provided a much needed opening for me to flash some long sleepy design moves that were not attached to a client.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my clients and my client work, but it is exteremely important to self publish and try some things that are not a part of a paid commission.

Most of what I do for Buddy Boy is have fun trying out images, colors and textures and see what will best illustrate the music.

My biggest challenge is to try not to over do it, or not to try to use every idea at once.

I started with the logo type. This is actually familiar device for me. I have always loved the deconstructing typography and I have used this style a few times before. It references a couple time tested styles. It’s kind of like running your collection of BlueNote records through a funhouse mirror. Still, I think it gets to what we are trying to do musically. In this case using a mix of Helvetica bold and condensed fonts and stirring up the colors and pos and knockout settings… Then getting it to bounce. As you can imagine, the bounce is a very important part. Just trying to draw a modern treatment of the jazz standard. If we’re being honest, I’m still playing with other design ideas, but this is servicable for now (another perk of self-publishing).

Next up, are the gig posts. As we begin to get playing opportunities, I wanted to get friends and followers out to these. Before people know much, it’s exciting to try and craft the visual of the sound. I had already begun doing a bit of this on our quickly assembled website, but for now I wanted to try and generate interest and curiousity. That can be hard to do in a clouded social media landscape of visual cacophony.

The idea is to feel approachable, diggable and to imform something about the music. In this case, an all instrumental, jazz and blues based sound… But also something that is a bit of an exploration. A reimaging of familiar music.

I wanted these efforts to be loose and relaxed. Not easy when you are used to working with client teams where the standard is to refine every detail.

At the moment, I’m having fun with these painterly and gritty surfaces and also trying to make it lovable and lovely. Or should I say, trying to illustrate the tale of a loping melody over a driving rhythmn section. Like I said, there are enormous possiblities. These represent a start.

Once I settled on a direction for the first few, it seemed like a good idea to create a series so that we can post one a week starting a month or so before a show. Each post showing a different instrument and the last one showing the group.