Like many graphic designers, my first efforts with design software led me to compositions involving digital collage. I asked ChatGPT about it and kinda liked what I got:

“Digital collage is a contemporary artistic technique that seamlessly blends various visual elements sourced from digital media to create a cohesive and often surreal composition. Unlike traditional collage, which involves cutting and pasting physical materials, digital collage harnesses the power of technology and software tools.

Artists employ a range of digital images, photographs, illustrations, and textures, combining them with intricate precision to produce unique and visually striking compositions.

This versatile medium allows for the exploration of diverse themes, styles, and narratives, enabling artists to push the boundaries of creativity. Digital collage not only reflects the technological advancements of our era but also provides a platform for artists to experiment with and reinterpret the vast reservoir of visual content available in the digital landscape.

The resulting artworks can be a mesmerizing amalgamation of the familiar and the fantastical, offering viewers a glimpse into the boundless possibilities of the digital realm.”

When client work slows down, I tend to spend hours on this practice. I think what I like most is the limitless references available. It’s not unlike writing in that the artist can point to specific instances and as they make their point. The exciting part here, especially for a visual artist, is that it is done with an image.

When this is coupled with color and texture, we can create compositions that have both an abstract atmosphere as well as one that is quite literal.

The above poster is something I did to piggyback on some other promotional flyers I have done for BuddyBoy, a jazz quartet I also play in. This was not so much to announce a specific date as much as to drive traffic to the website. While we’re on the subject, come out and see us and say hi.