It’s been almost two years since we redesigned and built the new website for Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts. Almost immediately after we finished the site there was a plan to provide a better solution for the “Exhibitions” section on the site. Clearly, the most important product and sales component of the school is the work that the students do there. The first challenge was understanding how best to organize the work within the site. We worked with the administrators to create compartments for various types of images. Student work, of course, being main attraction. However, there also needed to be a place to show images from events as well.

Once we had a strategy of how we wanted to proceed, we provided the client with PS comps for each view. The pages were then built in Expression Engine allowing for every conceivable set of combinations. We wanted to account for single and small image sets and well as unlimited numbers of images. We created a page where the visitor could browse thumbnails or simply read the press release or mission statement of a show. This made for a page that always looked full, even when content was sparse.