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Kevin M. Simmons, Jeffrey Czajkowski, James M. DoneThe Impact of Varying Wind Risk on the Economic Effectiveness of a Statewide Building Code2015Working Paper
Howard KunreutherPreparing for extreme eventsEnterprise Risk magazine, Institute of Risk Management2017Risk Center
John Dorman, Scott Edelman, Chris Jones, Howard Kunreuther, Marilyn Montgomery, John SpergerStructure Specific Flood Risk Based Insurance: Proof of Concept and Preliminary Analysis2014Working Paper

A Small Business Jewel

When we started to design and build a site for Marchi Jewelry, this small storefront was going through changes. John Marchiafava, the business owner knew he wanted a site, he knew the industry was trending that way and he knew his business was beginning to...

Refining the first steps

Graphic design and specifically design and production for the web is a process of discovery, experimentation and negotiation. There is also a healthy dose of compromise. As much as we work to streamline how things come together, it’s not quite a step-by-step grind. There is no “cranking it out”.

WP Tools and Processes

When I started out as a Graphic Design professional in the late 70s, all we cared about were design concepts through typography, color, art and images. I wasn’t overly concerned with design systems until I began working professionally.

Allies in Marketing

About this time last year we started a new relationship with Octo, a marketing firm here in town. Some of the services that we provide are also provided by Octo, but they needed us to help mostly with web development services. Octo is a more full service...


Every year we ramp up our efforts leading up to the annual Wharton People Analytics Conference. Each time around all of the materials go through general updates and improvements. The idea is generally to keep the time and materials similar to the previous, while making everything a little more articulate in the process.

Lately Linda

Linda May Studio produces hand crafted textile jewelry. Linda is a passionate maker, but more importantly, she is a powerhouse of marketing. The jewelry she makes is only the beginning of the creative process. She works very hard to present her work is just the right...

Ye Olde HTML

Son, When I was Your AgeBack in the late nineties, early oughties, when CSS was barely supported, I started to tackle the craft of page building in HTML. It was something that I tried to pretend did not exist. This was the result of being so fond of the new digital...

Joy 2016

Happy Holidays from the RowHouse crew! This year we actually carved out a little time to post some seasonal give-aways. Don't get too excited, it's not a new Lamborghini or anything. However, we did put together a very lovable set of paper cut-outs that are designed...

The Great Outdoor

We had an opportunity recently to create our first ever outdoor billboard. My son's little league team plays in the lovingly restored Anderson Yards in South Philly. When a space opened up for a sponsor sign, I grabbed it. However, that was the easy part. Then we...

Give it away

It’s been a burning interest for us here at Rowhouse to create work other than what we do for clients and simply make it available for all interested. Like anyone else, our go-to excuse for not providing content on this site other than what we do for clients is “We’ve been busy!”