The Wharton School of Business

Web / Print / Art Direction / Illustration / Branding

The Wharton School is in a steady state of reinvention. Most of what we do is serve art and branding needs when messages throughout the institution get created and shaped. Needless to say, this takes a variety of forms. Our most recent work has been crafting WordPress sites. One of our first and continuing projects was for Wharton People Analytics. This site guides the visitor through the core services of the program. It’s most vital component however, is the annual conference that invites speakers from far and wide to come and share knowledge and experience about this dynamic science.

These projects always carry branding art and design needed to drive the ideas. Samples of this can be found below the screen shots. It’s a long scroll, but it helps to see all of the elements together.

Computational Social Science Screen

Video Bumpers

918 Fitzwater Street
Philadelphia, PA