PNC Equipment Finance


Web / Print / Art Direction / Illustration / Branding

PNC Equipment Finance is a corporate leasing firm. They are world class lenders in industries ranging from transportation and construction to technology, healthcare and more.

Much of what we do for them involves design and assembly of marketing and communication pieces. These are generally devices used to speak to their potential and current clients as well as franchisees. The work comes in every media form we can get our hands on. Print, web, email, video, packaging, booth displays and wearables. We also handle branding subsets for client packages. In addition, we work to maintain the graphic standard set-up by the corporate office.

Presentation Design

Before project marketing is “rolled out”, we help the marketing department with full presentation packages. Ultimately, we design and assemble the portfolio pieces in their many forms to help create a finished look to the sample of services.

End of Lease cover design

Full Service Leasing Websites and Apps

We have been tasked with designing product-heavy leasing sites for used industrial equipment. The sites rely on several views to get the user a broad overview of the available products, as well as a full set of details about the product specs and how to obtain it. This is also linked to online applications, mobile apps, and a processing system. Of course, everything is responsive and mobile-friendly.

Video Editing & Motion Graphics

A sampling of video editing and motion graphics that was featured on ECN Capital’s “ConExpo” trade show booth in Las Vegas.

Booth Displays

Packaging a trade show involves leveraging several forms of media to support the single message. The centerpiece of that is often the installation at the trade show proper. Sometimes these are prepared to work within the limitations of the prefabricated booth frame that the display vendor provides. It’s always more fun when there is a generous set of panels and surfaces to design for.