Passion For Produce

Art Direction / Design / Branding / WordPress Production

L. Fuiano / S. Zhang

Passion for Produce was a business model that took hold during the pickup and delivery days of the pandemic. It was started by Ryeco, an established produce wholesaler in the Philadelphia area.

The thought was to create an online retail space where customers could call in orders for fruit and produce baskets and arrange for pickup.

The project is still getting under way, but the site design wanted to be friendly and simple to use.

The site is built in WordPress and the orders are processed through Woo-Commerce.

Branding and style

The idea going in was to create a colorful and clearly marked environment with all the steps easy to follow, making for a seamless path to purchase.

4 products to start

As the owners settle in with filling orders, they wanted to start small, creating 4 baskets for customers to choose from.

The tools within the Woo-Commerce plugin provided a range of display and setup options.