The Lyme Academy College of Fine Art

Web / Print / Art Direction / Illustration / Branding


Lyme Academy College is a relatively young art school in coastal Connecticut. For about 40 years they have been focused on teaching representational painting and sculpture techniques to students from all over the country.

We started our work relationship with the administration at Lyme by doing some promotional print projects for the school. Initially, our approach was to use a bigger and bolder voice for the message. We leaned heavily on integrating typographic form with images of students.

Once we settled in with the new creative direction, we felt the best way to speak about the college was to show more of the student work. We were happy to get out of the way, and let the artwork from the studios resonate with the mission of the school.

While they had a serviceable website in place, it had become cluttered and disorganized from years of add-ons and revisions. It was clearly time to re-think the site and how it was structured.

We worked closely with the dean and the administration on content strategy and ultimately how best to set up content management. Another objective was to make the schools assets and curriculum easy to locate and navigate.