Linda May Studio

Web / Print / Art Direction / Illustration / Branding

L.Fuiano / N. Grant-Levine / S. Zhang


Linda May Studio is a brand new player in the hand made textile jewelry market. After seeing the images she provided, we wanted a site that stayed out of the way and that showed the range of colorful work produced by the artist. Linda wanted a site that was simple and elegant, but she also wanted something that would effectively position her as a serious contributor to the craft.

What started out a simple portfolio site, soon became a fully featured e-commerce site. This was also accompanied by a complete range of support materials; tote bags, post cards, posters, a trade show booth and a printed product catalogue.

Web Media

We decided on a full-screen display that would allow the images to spill from the browser. The site was built in a customized WordPress theme, with a range of display plug-ins.


These are often companion pieces to show the Jewelry buyer.

Post cards, sell sheets, kits, hand-outs and packaging are developed to start the conversation. Hopefully they help to make friends and nurture new customers.