Independence Charter School

Web Design & Development / Art Direction / Illustration

L. Fuiano / S. Zhang

Independence Charter School (ICS) provides K-8 students throughout Philadelphia with a next-level, dual-language education experience. 

We were tasked with redesigning their web site in 2019. We partnered with Octo, a marketing firm in the city. They provided all of the copy and worked closely with us the get the images just right. They also brought in a photographer to help beef up the image repository.

It makes such a difference when all of these pieces work together.

Much of what we wanted to do was to make it easy for students and parents to get where they wanted to as quickly and as easily as possible.

A recent addition to the site was a “Counselor’s Corner”. We wanted to set up a more playful and interactive experience. We also wanted it to be easy to make updates and edits on the fly. We’re still trying it out, but so far, the response has been great.

Bottons, icons and select use of knocked-out images all help guide the user.