Element Financial is a corporate leasing firm based in Toronto. They are world class lenders in industries ranging from transportation and construction to technology, healthcare and more.

Much of what we do for them involves design and assembly of marketing and communication pieces. These are generally devices used to speak to their potential and current clients as well as franchisees.

The work comes in every media form we can get our hands on. Print, web, email, video, packaging, booth displays and wearables. We also handle branding subsets for client packages. In addition, we work to maintain the graphic standard set-up by the corporate office.

WEB | We just recently completed a series of mobile apps and web sites for Element. The most notable is a credit processing app to be used by team members to push orders through on the road by entering info on an iPad, Toughbook or iPhone.


CAREERS SITE | We just completed a WordPress site that the USA division uses for recruiting. This allows the admin to post current job positions quickly and easily on an elegant sub site.


EMAILS | Design and fabrication of email communication is a regular component of marketing for Element. Many of these are presented for approval as PDFs and then built out in HTML.

We have recently been working with a new service called Marketo. We work with the templates provided and modify where needed. This allows the client to also make edits without the display breaking in the many email clients and mobile devices.

PRINT | The day to day tasks we perform for the lovely people at Element are centered around work for print media. These are often companion pieces to marketing communications. They generally support an email blast or product rollout that features a new wrinkle in their services.

Sometimes we even create pieces that can be edited by the client, such as various types of rate sheets.