Process Blog

Process Blog

Clients sometimes ask how things work, what are the steps involved. Many of these posts help show some of these details. Others are quick notes about ideas and trends that we are working with.

Joy 2016

Happy Holidays from the RowHouse crew! This year we actually carved out a little time to post some seasonal give-aways. Don't get too excited, it's not a new Lamborghini or anything. However, we did put together a very lovable set of paper cut-outs that are designed...

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The Great Outdoor

We had an opportunity recently to create our first ever outdoor billboard. My son's little league team plays in the lovingly restored Anderson Yards in South Philly. When a space opened up for a sponsor sign, I grabbed it. However, that was the easy part. Then we...

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Give it away

It’s been a burning interest for us here at Rowhouse to create work other than what we do for clients and simply make it available for all interested. Like anyone else, our go-to excuse for not providing content on this site other than what we do for clients is “We’ve been busy!”

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