Process Blog

Process Blog

Clients sometimes ask how things work, what are the steps involved. Many of these posts help show some of these details. Others are quick notes about ideas and trends that we are working with.

Refining the first steps

Graphic design and specifically design and production for the web is a process of discovery, experimentation and negotiation. There is also a healthy dose of compromise. As much as we work to streamline how things come together, it’s not quite a step-by-step grind. There is no “cranking it out”.

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WP Tools and Processes

When I started out as a Graphic Design professional in the late 70s, all we cared about were design concepts through typography, color, art and images. I wasn’t overly concerned with design systems until I began working professionally.

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Allies in Marketing

About this time last year we started a new relationship with Octo, a marketing firm here in town. Some of the services that we provide are also provided by Octo, but they needed us to help mostly with web development services. Octo is a more full service...

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