You know you’ve been in this business for too long when you have several tasks to complete in under a week, and the least of your concerns is a fully developed display booth design.

We were working very closely last week with the very likable and very busy folks at Element Financial to assemble marketing materials for a client pitch. The agenda was ambitious and the pieces that needed design attention were many.

The idea was to present the client with a wide range of marketing materials that we can generate upon request. After a wild flurry of image searches, copy writing, Photoshop modifications and InDesign contortions, we finally managed to pull it all together. After the smoke cleared, I was amazed at the trail of work we produced. One little gem among the many was the lovely 3-D rendering by a company called ImageDesign. A display house out of Burbank California.

Kathie Juliano and Mark Donahue of Element pointed me in the direction of ImageDesign. My role was to design a booth based on their model renderings (by the seat of my pants given the deadline). I handed them JPEGs with some notes and Nick Drance and Dallas Kennedy did the rest.