I recently started working with the Wharton School of Business at the University of Penn doing some small packaging tasks. They had started to roll out Coursera, an online classroom that draws from some of the core course work at the school. While these offerings have been trending quite a bit, it’s still relatively new territory for the Ivies.

As we’re working our way through it, I wanted to post some of the efforts helping to shape the design. In the end, we’re really working to best serve the Wharton brand. The design direction of the panels and headers was ultimately to be fully integrated in the Wharton standard, and to look good doing it. In some of the early sketches presented, I suggested images to illustrate the course title. These all fell away in favor of a bold title nested within the school brand. Although we ultimately settled on an elegant and effective solution, it’s always fun to look at the process.

Coursera Design samples