A while ago we were asked to refresh the brand for an area wine merchant. The difficult part was that, while they wanted their business to be recognized as wine consultants, it was important for the branding to indicate that they also sell beer and other spirits. I don’t mind telling you that this was no easy task. The six thumbnails below are just a smattering of what we produced to try and get the client to the promised land. Unfortunately, the finished product became so watered down (no pun intended) that the final art is a sad reminder of how hard it can be to get a client to stay out of their own way.

Never the less, the process was good clean fun. Hence, I wanted to post these sketches to remind me that while the final art was kind of meh, I kind of like the direction of some of the sketches. I really just tried to work with bottle shapes and colors to show the diversity. A couple of the ideas had a great quality to them that would have easily translated to various applications — from signage to a simple web app or button.