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for Communication

Graphic Design

From the very beginning, we were always a graphic design studio. While we have evolved into a broad service for all things multi-media, much of what we do here is use typography, color, images and composition to help drive a brand or message. We love to partner with the client to make what they do look great and work better.

While everything we do here is a love affair with words and images, our most important service is problem-solving and helping our clients deliver their message.


Integrative Solutions

Current day media has provided a wide range of design and communication solutions. We like to bring all of these into play. That said, web media has understandably ruled the day. We love to design for the browser by making it disappear and just center on delivering the content.

We are huge fans of WordPress and bigger fans of the lively and productive WP community.

We design and build fully featured WordPress sites to fit a wide range of business and communication needs. Your entire site can be managed by you. Of course, we’re always here to help.

Gritty Production Values

Great design will win the first few meetings, but the work starts to get serious when all of the pieces come together in the production phase. With so many tools available and new methods being introduced every week, we welcome the challenge to find what works best. Whether it’s in the browser, ink on paper or large scale displays & installations.

If I’m being honest, and I am, we love navigating the ever changing terrain of new media. Hell, we’re pretty excited about all of the crusty old forms of media as well. More importantly, we welcome the challenge of what works best.


Amazing Service

We are a very tight knit team here at Rowhouse. We work in the same room, often handing off pieces of projects. We look over each others shoulder, provide comments, solutions and support throughout the day. Crazy as it sounds, it really seems to work and it allows us to be very responsive in coming back to you with great work.

“The guys at Rowhouse Studio always made us feel like our little project was in good hands. My fear going in that our small brochure site would be back burnered or dashed off. Instead, he was the one that was on top of us with regular communication and updates.

During the entire process I was amazed at how great everything looked and how smoothly the process went. It doesn’t hurt that we only strayed from the budget when I asked for some additional features.”

John Marchiafava | Marchi Jewelry

“We started out with a small business idea and little else. Lou and his team got us up and running with a fully designed, state of the art web site and he delivered it on time and on budget.

Through the whole process he just kept suggesting ways to improve what we were doing. We went from no one knowing about us, to having a fully featured online presence.”

Kevin | Ardelis Health

“This is a big university and the guidelines and graphic standards need to be acknowledged. At the same time, we are always trying to find inventive ways to make our presence stand apart.

Lou and his staff have always been great about this. I have worked in several different institutions and I have always managed to find Lou and get him involved. I know I can always count on the work, the price and the attention to detail.”

Laura | Wharton UPenn

“We found Lou and crew in 2013. He made it a point to keep our business by working through every detail and every request we made. The entire group at Rowhouse consistently offer up ideas that almost always made things better.

They seem to find ways to deliver what you need. The best part is, they get the job out on time.”

Kathie | PNC

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