Music and Musicians

We always try to make room in the schedule for packaging and web site design for our friends in the music industry. The budgets may be tight, but the resources and the possibility for great work is what get us in motion.

The work here is just a small sample of what we do. We try to use all of the tools available to us to do work that creates excitement for the artist and the music. Needless to say, the artist is very vocal about the design direction. These are often the most collaborative projects we do, and it’s always a kick to see them come together.

Dr. Ketchup has been at it, up to it and all about it for a good long while. We’re instrumental now, so don’t go lookin’ for a singer to tell you what… It’s all groove all the time. You can say jazz if you want to, but honestly, we leave that up to the college kids. This sound is blue enough to know better and fatter than fiction.